New Program in Perth Improving Lives for Children with Autism.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) face many challenges throughout their life.  Many day to day tasks that other children take for granted are overwhelming and considerably more difficult for children with ASD due to the different ways they process[...]

Infant Massage a Popular Favourite

Not-for-profit therapy and education centre, Kids Are Kids! are thrilled to be announcing their new Group Program designed for parents with newborns and small  infants. The program is the nationally accredited gold standard infant massage course in Australia and Physiotherapist,[...]
Amy and Ruby Cikarela

Splashing Therapy with Kids Are Kids!

Not-for-profit therapy and education centre, Kids Are Kids! are thrilled to be announcing their new Group Program designed for children who will benefit from therapy in the water. There are two Hydrotherapy Groups, one for 2-4 year olds and the[...]

Have Fun Thinking and Tinkering!

Kids Are Kids! is excited to offer a brand new Group Program to families, just in time for Summer. The program kicks off in October and will run every Thursday and Friday fortnightly, with Friday’s being a repeat of Thursday’s[...]

Reaching Regional Families

Kids Are Kids! can continue providing Clinical Psychology services to families in remote and regional areas, at least until 31 January 2016, with the renewal of the WA Country Health Service (WACHS) contract. CEO Jane Barker thanked the team for outstanding[...]

Secure Your Place in the Social Eyes Program

Kids Are Kids! are pleased to offer the very popular Social Eyes Program to children aged 5-7 years in the January school holidays. Children will have the opportunity to to gain skills in peer relationships, confidence and self-esteem, expressing feelings,[...]

Register now to be a Little Mover & Groover

Who is this for: children aged 3-4 yrs  who would benefit from additional opportunities to learn and explore movement, social and fine motor skills in preparation for kindy, in a supportive group environment. When: October 14th  2014 – December 16th[...]

Join Our Groups

Our group programs provide children with the opportunity to learn important independence and participation life skills. Groups are run throughout the year on demand and generally involve between 4 and 6 sessions either as consecutive weeks during the school term or as[...]

ATCO’s Support Helps Kids Talk

ATCO EPIC, together with Kids Are Kids! is changing the lives of special needs children and their families in Western Australia with staff fundraising and donations helping to deliver the Kids Are Kids! ‘It Takes Two to Talk’ language development[...]