Cognitive IQ Assessments Now Available

At Kids are Kids, we are now offering cognitive IQ assessments for children 6-16 years.

A cognitive assessment can help you identify a child’s strengths and difficulties and may help to understand why a child is performing below their expected level. The WISC-V is the gold standard assessment tool designed to measure the intellectual ability of children. Early identification of academic struggles through cognitive assessment can mean increased understanding and support to help a child thrive.

Each assessment will include:

  • An initial session gathering background information
  • The cognitive assessment which will involve a range of tasks designed to measure different aspects of a child’s intellectual functioning. Our Psychologists are warm and friendly to make the experience as relaxed for your child as possible!
  • Results interpretation and individualised report
  • Final parent feedback session with recommendations

If you would like to make an appointment or find out further information, please call Kids Are Kids! on 9313 6566.



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