Our team

17The Kids Are Kids! team is passionate about helping children and families.  Our dedicated team of qualified therapy professionals provide specialist therapy services including Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy and Clinical Psychology. Group Programs and Parent/Teacher Workshops are also held throughout the year.

The team brings a wealth of experience to work with families, schools and communities.  All professional employees of Kids Are Kids! have worked within the community, in schools and in families’ homes.  This approach supports therapy to be provided in a collaborative way to ensure that the benefits occur across the child’s environments.

Similarly, all therapists have worked with children who have a range of needs.  This includes children with developmental delay, intellectual and physical disabilities, speech and language delay and disorder, fine motor and co-ordination difficulties.

Our therapy team is supported by a Family Liaision Officer and Administration team who work closely with families to provide integrated services, information and support.