Lachlan Walker and Senior Speech Therapist, Julia Noakes in session at Kids Are Kids!

Lachlan Walker is a fun loving 4 year old who exemplifies how the right support can really make a difference to a child’s life.   For the first four years of Lachlan’s life he struggled with a world of frustration as he lacked the social, behavioural, physical and communication skills of a typically developing child.

For his Parents, Rebecca and Phillip, it was a testing time as they fought for answers. It wasn’t until his diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder that they were able to find the tools they needed to help Lachlan develop socially and intellectually.

“It was a big shock to us to hear his diagnosis and I guess a tumultuous time accepting it, but it did give us comfort knowing he, and we, could now receive funding and have access to the right strategies to support Lachlan’s therapy needs”, said Rebecca.

Kids Are Kids! Therapy and Education Centre along with Autism Association of WA have assisted Lachlan in reaching goals that will enable him to have a bright future. Julia Noakes, Senior Speech Pathologist at Kids Are Kids! said, “It’s been so rewarding working with Lachlan and his family for the past two years.  He has gone from saying a few single words and struggling to copy individual sounds to now being able to have conversations and enjoy people understanding him”.

School life is fun and welcoming to Lachlan, because he can now participate, communicate and interact with his classmates. Lachlan’s Pre-primary Teacher at Yale Primary School said, “When he commenced Kindy he was non-verbal, shy, reluctant to join in play and had weak fine motor skills. He is now a lively, happy, verbal student who joins in conversations on the mat and needs constant reminding to put his hand up if he has something to talk about”.

Rebecca and Phillip will continue to access Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy at Kids Are Kids! “I really think without all the help and support we have had Lachlan would not be at the stage he is today. We have learnt so many ways to help him at home, school and other social environments and can’t wait to see what our little boy will make of himself”, said Rebecca.

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