Brayden Shines Blue for Autism


As the world commemorates Autism Awareness Day on Sunday 2nd April Brayden, his family and many get on with the daily challenges as well as celebrations that Autism brings to their own world. As a family of Kids Are Kids! Therapy and Education Centre as well as Rockingham Autism Service, Brayden and his family have received ongoing support from a team of experienced and dedicated therapists who have provided a quality individually tailored program and evidence based therapy to help Brayden reach his full potential and flourish.

Brayden was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 3 years after ongoing concerns about language and possible hearing problems. The beginning of this journey was hard and Brayden’s family came up against many hurdles before finding the KidStart Early Intervention Program at Kids are Kids! Therapy and Education Centre.

As well as a strong focus on Brayden as an individual, Mum Sarah is committed to changing the perception of disability from a young age starting with children in their local community. Sarah has formed the slogan “We’re All Special” and aims to promote it through a program she has developed herself to primary schools in the metropolitan Perth area.

“It’s a wonderful thing to raise awareness and show other families that they can achieve anything if they have a voice and not just for autism”, said Sarah. Sarah began her pledge in 2015, speaking with the Kindy children in Brayden’s class about disability, what it means and how we can celebrate and accept everyone. Blue balloons were released to commemorate Autism Awareness Day and the feedback from her time with the children was very positive. Last year Sarah has managed to involve the entire junior school positioning the day around an ‘Acceptance Day for People with all Disabilities’ with the objective of raising awareness of Autism, disability and acceptance.

The main objective of the program is to encourage acceptance which leads to less bullying and less children taking their own lives. “I would love to be an advocate and the voice for all the kids that are special – eventually I’ll make it happen school by school with my slogan. If kids are shown and taught in kindy and reminded every year (and day) that some people are different but they are just as special, show them why they are different then they will except it from their first year in school” said Sarah.

Brayden with Mum, Sarah

Brayden with Mum, Sarah

The team at Kids Are Kids! continue to work with Brayden and his family through the KidStart program and are focusing on conversational language skills, articulation of sounds, socialisation and self-regulation behaviours through sensory integration and the functional application of this at home and school. “Brayden and his family are a delight to work with and he has come so far”, said Early Intervention Key Worker and Senior Speech Pathologist, Ellie Hodyl.

Brayden’s family are so optimistic for the future, “We are thrilled with Brayden’s progress and his willingness to strive to achieve – we have a really good support network at Kids Are Kids! and that’s so important to Brayden’s success. His Senior Speech Pathologist Ellie is amazing, the support she has given us as a family is truly second to none backed up with a fabulous team of experienced therapists.”, said Sarah.
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