Through their dedication to Kids Are Kids!, therapy provider for children with disabilities and learning difficulties, Lakes Networking and some of their generous clients have together just donated the much needed provisions for six new laptops – the result of a Donation Program initiated by Jason Brown, Operations Manager at The Lakes Group.
Jason Brown, said The Lakes Group are proud to be supporting Kids Are Kids!, “The staff at Kids are Kids are fantastic people who really work tirelessly to help children, we are so very proud to help support them; through the years we’ve provided them with IT support and expertise, assistance with grant applications, IT server and updated systems software, assistance with implementation of their Telehealth program and of late we’ve donated some laptops – we’re ecstatic to see their vision is coming to life”.
As an organisation in its 18th year of operation resources and facilities become tired and need replacing; which can be a very costly exercise. “Much funding received for not for profit organisations is contributed toward improving existing and creating new programs, workshops and services for our families, so the building and our facilities upgrades come last”, said Kids Are Kids! CEO Jane Barker.
Kids Are Kids! contribute their successes to the commitment of their staff as well as valuable corporate and individual partnerships developed overtime. “We are so very grateful of the support The Lakes Group have provided us over the years, their latest donation of laptops will cut Therapists report writing, scheduling and researching time, with faster speed and improved technology”, said Jane Barker.
Since 2008, the team at Cockburn based IT company, Lakes Networking, have provided support through IT management, communication and digital solutions to not for profit organisation Kids Are Kids!. The Lakes Group consists of five specialist divisions each with a sole purpose to helping organisations reach their business objectives in the digital world.
Jason and his team at The Lakes Group continue to be strong advocates for Kids Are Kids!, and in 2013 were awarded the Kids Are Kids! Business Supporter of the Year Award.