Handwriting is one of the many skills that OT’s support children with.

There are many ways to work on handwriting without actually writing words (you don’t always need a pencil to work on writing!). This might include developing hand strength, pre writing lines, grasp, visual processing skills, organisation and planning and much more.

Here are some tips to practice writing at home in a fun way!

  • You can adapt your favourite board games at home to practice handwriting. For example can you write down the questions while playing ‘Guess who?’ or ‘What am I?’. Can you write down your words while playing the ‘shopping list’ game or a scavenger hunt. 
  • Practice pre-writing lines before writing: straight lines, horizontal lines, anticlockwise circles and zig zag lines. Draw these in the sand, on an easel or whiteboard.
  • Practice writing letters in fun ways. Can you write in the sand, in shaving foam, with objects you can find in nature? 
  • ‘Handwriting Heroes’ is a free iPad application that may be helpful for your child to support letter formation.

If you would like some OT support for your child and their handwriting  please call our administration team on 93136566.

Image: Thought Catalog via Unsplash



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