Tyler Moore, 3 years

Tyler Moore, 3 years

Tyler has a love of musical toys, hearing his much-loved Mum and Grandma sing and his favourite song ‘Row Row Your Boat’. At only 3 years old Tyler and his family are integrating therapy strategies into their everyday lives to help Tyler reach his potential.


Tyler was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms just before turning 6 months of age back in late October 2013 and due to the onset of this rare type of epilepsy he has been diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay (GDD).


GDD is a diagnosis given to a child when they are delayed in more than one area of development. These can include gross and fine motor development, speech and language development, cognitive/intellectual development or social and emotional development.


“Being admitted to PMH for near on a week and watching your new baby undergo test after test would have to have been the most difficult thing to witness as first time parents”, said Tyler’s Mum Eleanora


To date Tyler has been infantile spasm free since 15 November 2013, a date Tyler’s Dad and Mum celebrate each year.

Tyler Moore and Sam Jones, Physiotherapist

Tyler Moore and Sam Jones, Physiotherapist


“At the time of the infantile spasms ceasing we knew our journey with Tyler had really only just begun; we finally had the seizures under control and now we needed to get our baby boy achieving all his milestones and kick start his development”, said Eleanora.


Sam Jones, Physiotherapist at Kids Are Kids! said, “GDD has been a frustrating diagnosis for Tyler’s family as they are told their child will reach milestones but it will take him longer than a typically developing child. There are no timeframes attached, no crystal ball – just an unknown road ahead that they travel and with our support we try to make that road as smooth as possible with the best outcomes for Tyler”.


“You feel you get given so much negative information or advice by Doctors and at times you just want to give up, but then you see this amazing little fighter who isn’t giving up and they make you work even harder for them to achieve anything and everything at any cost”, said Eleanora.


Tyler is making progress with help from the Speech Pathology and Physiotherapy teams at Kids Are Kids!. In just 6 months he has progressed from not being able to sit unaided to now pulling himself to stand, taking steps aided and interacting socially with a strong drive to discover, play and learn.


Eleanora wants other parents in the same situation to know that the light is there, you and you precious little one just need to work a little harder than others to get there, it does not mean you won’t.


“Tyler’s success and achievements were able to be met so quickly due to all the support from Kids Are Kids!. We all progressed so much with the right guidance and advice given to us by our Physiotherapist and Speech Pathologist. We thank Tyler’s Therapists and the entire Kids Are Kids! team, they have not only made us see that light at the end of the tunnel but made it shine so much brighter than we had ever thought possible”, said Eleanora.




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