One2One Inc.

The LiteGait Treadmill is making positive changes in the lives of children including the valuable resource in their Physiotherapy at Kids Are Kids! The LiteGait Treadmill was made possible by corporate sponsors ALCOA’s  PEACH trust and One2One Inc. The inclusion of the treadmill is assisting in children reaching therapy goals such as improved balance, strength and coordination as well as gait pattern. Children diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Rett Syndrome and Global Developmental Delay are currently finding the treadmill to be beneficial and their families are excited to be able to have the treadmill included to assist with reaching goals. Read more about the LiteGait Treadmill here.




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ActiveAte program for kids with ASD is designed to create health and well-being through fun physical activity and mealtime strategies developed by Kids Are Kids! Read more about the program here