“Play is the work of children. It’s very serious stuff.” – Bob Keeshan

Play is regarded by Occupational Therapists as the occupational or life role of infants and children, where children learn, engage and make sense of their world.

Have you ever noticed that you develop skills more quickly, learn new concepts more rapidly and work better with others when you are having fun and find joy in the activity? FUN is the secret ingredient in true play for children, too!

True play supports children to learn lifelong abilities including social skills, physical coordination, emotional development and self-confidence – just to name a few!

Try these tips to support your child’s engagement in play:

  • Follow your child’s lead and let them show you what they are interested in playing with today!
  • Consider play as an opportunity for your child to be creative where there are no rules or mistakes to be made
  • Refrain from asking too many questions but rather comment on the story as it unfolds
  • Tap into your own inner child – don’t be shy to get into role, turn objects into toys and use animated facial expression to mirror your own joy within the engagement

Feed free to contact us if you would like some more support around your child’s play skills. You can do this by contacting our administration team on 93136566.

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