Kids Are Kids! can offer an range of workshops to

  • parent groups
  • schools
  • childcare facilities
  • kindergartens
  • other community agencies

The workshops can be tailor made to suit the needs of the particular group and this can be determined upon initial contact by the group seeking professional development.

Cost of the workshops may vary, dependent on the length and complexity of the presentation. This can be discussed at the time of booking.

Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding: FREE Parent Information Sessions

For Parents of children who have a limited variety of tastes and textures in their diet, demonstrate food refusal, have challenging behaviours around eating and meal time or experience difficulty participating at meal times. The sessions are now closed however please register your interest for sessions to be held in the future.


An interactive workshop where participants learn about childhood development, how to analyse play and toys to ensure healthy development at all ages. The workshop is run by a speech pathologist and occupational therapist.

Early Language Development

This workshop is suitable for any parents, teachers or assistants who have or work with young children. It provides an overview of speech and language development and some strategies to assist children to move forward to the next step. This is presented by a Speech Pathologist

2Why won’t they listen to me?

This workshop addresses the questions that parents and teachers may have about their child/students listening and comprehension difficulties. It also provides strategies and activities that will assist in developing the skills required for comprehension. This is presented by a Speech Pathologist.

Working with children’s behaviours

This presentation discusses some of the factors impacting on children’s behaviour. It also provides strategies that can be implemented to minimise unacceptable behaviours and increase acceptable behaviours. Case studies can be brought to this workshop and worked through.

Manual Handling and Risk Assessment

This workshop addresses principles of moving and handling for children with physical disability. The physiotherapist facilitating the course specialises in problem solving manual handling issues for children with severe disabilities, enabling their participation rather than exclusion in physical activity. The workshop provides strategies for problem solving as a team, including the child, parents, professional and non-professional carers.


Please contact 9313 6566 or e-mail info@ or alternatively you can  download our Training and Professional Development brochure for more information.