Splashing Therapy with Kids Are Kids!
Amy and Ruby Cikarela

Amy and Ruby Cikarela

Not-for-profit therapy and education centre, Kids Are Kids! are thrilled to be announcing their new Group Program designed for children who will benefit from therapy in the water. There are two Hydrotherapy Groups, one for 2-4 year olds and the other for 4-6 year olds – each will be focusing on different areas when the program commences in the January school holidays.


Mum of four and a half year old Ruby with Cerebral Palsy, Amy Cikarela, said the group will really benefit her need for movement through fun-based play, “Ruby has Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy and is unable to walk or stand unaided, she enjoys the water very much and we are looking forward to her being able to enjoy the new Hydrotherapy program as it will bring her much happiness and the opportunity to improve her strength and group participation skills”.


Hydrotherapy is a real benefit to children with mobility difficulties and those who need ease from muscular pain. Physiotherapist, Sam Jones is excited to be hosting the new program, “Hydrotherapy is a fantastic opportunity to use a combination of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy to improve skills such as strength and coordination as well as early swimming skills and group socialisation”.


For some lucky families the group can be funded by Better Start for Children with Disability, NDIS or My Way. The group can also be accessed privately, rebates may apply. Ms Jones highlighted the importance for the group to be accessible to all families, “Some families unfortunately are not eligible for government funding for therapy for their child, so we are always looking at ways to make prices affordable for everyone. We believe we have done just that with the new Hydrotherapy Group. The benefits of the group will outweigh the cost substantially”, said Ms Jones.


Since receiving therapy and support with Kids Are Kids! through the KidStart Early Intervention Program Ruby has made significant improvement. “Ruby can now walk assisted in her k-walker, is extremely social, is beginning to communicate through PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) and is off to a flying start at Kindy this year”, said Ms Cikarela.