Talk With Me

To help raise awareness of SPA Week, Kids Are Kids! hosted fun activities including a colouring station for all children visiting the Bateman centre for their appointments everyday in SPA Week from Monday 24th to Friday 28th August. The ‘information and fun station’ was a big success.In exchange for their contribution, children and their parents were offered specially created ‘Talk’ cupcakes, stickers and bubbles; parents and children can also looked after their vocal cords by lubricating with Kids Are Kids! and TALK-WITH-ME- branded water.

Senior Speech Pathologist, Sonja Van Heyningen arranged the event at Kids Are Kids!. “We help so many children with language and communication challenges, so SPA week resonates with a lot of our families. We wanted to create something fun in the centre that at the same time communicated that we are great believers in raising awareness of real issues facing many children everyday”, said Sonja. Families were given the opportunity to complete various activities with their children including questions to like what the role of a Speech Pathologist is and how they can help you.

Sonja said children’s participation in the activities was so touching. When asked what the role of a Speech Pathologist was one child responded, “She is my special friend who helps me speak well” and another said “We talk and I talk. We write. Now I’m good at writing.” The team had a great time taking part in activities during the week with children and their families.

The theme for the week was ‘Talk with Me’. During Speech Pathology Week 2015, the theme was about the more than 1.1 million Australians who have a communication or swallowing disorder that impacts on their daily life, why communication is a basic human right and to raise awareness of the silence that comes with a communication disorder. Speech Pathology Week seeks to promote the speech pathology profession and the work done by speech pathologist when working with people with communication and swallowing disorders.

Not only were families involved, but prizes were awarded to staff members who helped spread the word about SPA Week and Kids Are Kids! Speech services the most! Sonja said, “We felt it was just as important to get staff really involved, SPA Week enlightened the week and everyone enjoyed spreading the word to their contacts in the community and health industry”.

Kids Are Kids! continues to help children with speech, language and communication difficulties and delays.