The Brand Agency Creates Flourishing New Wall Mural for Kids Are Kids!

The Brand Agency’s design team has volunteered their artistic abilities to create a stunning piece of wall art for Kids Are Kids!

As part of the Agency’s volunteer day initiative, the team hand-painted the six metre long mural with the assistance of many of the centre’s children and families.

Kids Are Kids! is a non-for-profit organisation that provides therapy and support to children around Western Australia with disabilities and developmental needs. Working with families, it provides assistance and tailored therapy services that help many West Australian children in meeting their developmental goals.

“This has been a wonderful opportunity to have been involved in, and an amazing expression of Kids Are Kids! It’s all about optimism, fun, life and growing and that’s exactly what we are trying to achieve. It’s really inspiring, not only for the children and families, but for our staff as well,” said Lisa Hoffman, Executive Officer at Kids Are Kids!

The artwork highlights the organisation’s mission and values, ‘helping children flourish through therapy and family support’, while providing a moment of colour and fun as they enter therapy. The carefully chosen palette provides a hint of vibrancy while recognising the important role colour and tone play as a means of creating a moment of calm.

“Being able to offer our skills to help an organisation like Kids Are Kids! has been such a rewarding experience,” said Dan Agostino, Head of Design at The Brand Agency. “We wanted to make sure that the kids were central in helping create the artwork, and when they come through the door and they see the mural, you can see their faces light up from the very second they see their art on the wall.”

Kids Are Kids! are so very appreciative of the time and talent The Brand Agency and their Design team have donated as part of their volunteer day initiative.

The Brand Agency:
Head of Design: Dan Agostino
Design and Artwork: Carly Groves, Janice Law, Matt Taylor and Dan Agostino



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