Zhiqing Zhang, known as Cheen Cheen, is a lovely 4 year old girl who lives with her mum, Lizzy and grandparents.
She has significant mobility, cognitive and communication impairments that impact on how she is able to interact with her world.
Cheen Cheen was granted a $5000 scholarship thanks to the Think Fragile X Foundation in 2016 which had a huge impact on Cheen Cheen’s access to therapy services.  Not only was she able to have regular services through her state Early Intervention funding, she was also able to access additional frequent Physiotherapy input working on specific gross motor targets as well as attend  a hydrotherapy group which supported Cheen Cheen’s gross motor and sensory development.
Through the funding, Cheen Cheen made inspirational progress.  She went from mainly sitting and crying, to crawling across a range of surfaces including inclines, moving to standing from a stool and walking independently.
Throughout the year Cheen Cheen was further diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy which granted her access to the federally funded Better Start funding scheme.  This funding scheme will now support Cheen Cheen in continuing to access the regular support moving forward that the scholarship enabled her to do last year.
Kids Are Kids! and Cheen Cheen’s family thank the Think Fragile X Foundation, amongst other supporters such as Grant Thornton, Variety WA, ATCO Australia for their ongoing support in the scholarship program at Kids Are Kids!.
If you think you know a family who could benefit from the scholarship program or if you would like to help support the program please call 9313 6566 or email info@
Cheen Cheen in Physiotherapy

Cheen Cheen in Physiotherapy



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