Therapy Scholarship Program Reaches out to Regional WA Families

Families residing in remote areas of WA experience great difficulty in accessing the therapy their children need to improve or overcome learning and developmental challenges.   

Kids are Kids! is a not-for-profit organisation that has been operating for over 23 years, providing clinical psychology, speech pathology, physiotherapy and occupational therapy services to children with disabilities, and developmental needs, and their families living across Western Australia, through tele-practice, community based and centre based services.  

Kids Are Kids! believes all children should have access to quality therapy and we are committed to supporting the most vulnerable families in the community.

Just recently Kids Are Kids! was successful in a grant application through Connellan Airways Trust. The Trust was founded in 1981 and launched in 1983 and made possible by the sale of the airline Connair (formally Connellan Airways). Founder of the airline, E.J Connellan, initiated the Trust to help those who live and work in outback WA and experience the privations and the remoteness of the outback.

“This grant has provided the opportunity to continue this important program in 2021 and for the first time designate two scholarships to children living in  isolated, remote and regional areas of WA”, said Kids Are Kids! Executive Officer, Lisa Hoffman.

Through an application process, the scholarships will allow two families who are facing financial hardship to access much needed therapy to support their child’s developmental needs. The scholarships are typically awarded to families who don’t qualify for government funded services, or where these are inadequate to meet their needs.

Executive Officer of Connellan Airways Trust, Jessica Hacket, said they were proud to be supporting the program, “We know how challenging it is for isolated and remote families to access these vital services at the best of times. Connellan Airways Trust was pleased to provide a grant to Kids Are Kids! in support of these therapy scholarships in 2021”.

The Therapy Scholarships are valued at $2,500 each and will commence in 2021.

Applications will be open later this year, with representatives from both Connellan Airways Trust and Kids Are Kids! participating in the selection panel. Kids Are Kids! is thrilled to collaborate with Connellan Airways Trust in the Therapy Scholarship Program for 2021.

If you are interested In applying for a Scholarship, or supporting the 2021 Therapy Scholarship Program please phone 9313 6566 or email info@kidsarekids.org.au.



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