Toilet Training
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Toilet training is a big milestone in every child’s life and an activity of daily living that OT’s support children with.   Some children are able to achieve this milestone seemingly overnight,   but it is far more common for it to take a lot longer.   OT’s can work with you to develop your child’s

– Coordination to get on and off the toilet

– Balance to sit on the toilet or potty

– Dressing skills to pull their pants up and down

– Sensory processing to tolerate the strange sounds and smells in the bathroom

– Attention, to sit on the toilet for long enough to get the job done!

Often, at this time of year, parents feel pressure to have their child toilet trained in time for kindy or moving into a new room at day care.  Kids Are Kids! offer toilet training preparation groups throughout the year to support parents with toilet training.   There are also, lots of things that you can do at home, now,  to start toilet training your child,  that don’t involve lots of wet clothes and clean ups. You can:

-Keep a record of your child’s wee and poo habits to get an idea of how long they can go between wees.  (Your child should be able to go 1.5-2 hours between wees)

-Change your child’s nappy next to the toilet.  (The toilet is the place where wees and poos go)

-Have an open door policy, let your child see you using the toilet and talk about what you are doing

-Practice pulling down pants and undies (elastic waisted pants make this easier)

-Help your child wash and dry their hands after a nappy change

– Read books about using the potty / toilet together

-Have your child sit on the potty / toilet while you are running their bath

If you would like to join one of our toilet training preparation groups,  please call our admin team on 9313 6566.

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