What is Paediatric Occupational Therapy?

Paediatric Occupational Therapists (OT’s) help children and adolescents to develop independence in all areas of their lives and improve their ability to do the everyday things they want or need to do.

What skills can OT’s help with?

  • Fine motor skills; needed to grasp and release toys and objects, and develop handwriting, scissor and computer skills
  • Gross motor skills; including hand-eye coordination and core strength
  • Self-care; including toileting, bathing, getting dressed, brushing teeth and feeding
  • Play and social skills; the skills that help children interact with peers, cooperate and manage social situations
  • Emotions, attention, sensory processing and behaviour; address challenges related to these things in the context of the activity or task that the child is having difficulty with
  • Participation and engagement in daily activities and routines; including organisation and planning

What is the role of the Paediatric OT’s at Kids Are Kids?

The OT’s at Kids Are Kids! will focus on your child’s strengths and work in a family-centred way. This involves incorporating the child’s interests to create fun and engaging therapy sessions. Our OT’s consider the unique needs of your family and support you with practical strategies to help your child reach their goals. Therapy sessions may be delivered in the clinic, using the Sensory Xploration Hub, or in homes, schools or early learning centres. Collaboration with other people supporting your child such as their teacher or therapists is an important part of our service, and we aim to work together to achieve the best outcomes for your child.

Give one of our friendly reception staff a call on 9313 6566 to find out more about how an OT can help your child today!

Kids Are Kids! Family with Senior Occupational Therapist, Sarah Browning.



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